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Delays in Conducting Examinations can Impede Admission Chances! Academic Institutions will be hit with less admission this year.

At this time of global uncertainty and with the end of the academic year approaching fast, one question that is on the mind of everybody is about the examinations that are delayed for months impacting studies, internships, and creating uncertainty over admissions that has made aspirants worried.

Would you study your degree in person, or has the university moved to study online? Will your university of choice still welcome applications?

To help answer any such questions, academic institutions with changing times have been guided to follow the guideline issued by UGC (University Grants Commission) in order to streamline Admissions, Exams, Fee Payment, and more, by making them available online so that they are easily be accessed.

This has also raised a few concerns by higher education official, administrators, regarding student recruitment

  • In Case our scheduled entrance exams cannot be conducted due to the unavailability of testing centers, should we create a backup plan and switch to online proctored examinations?
  • When we switch to a digital platform, how do we ensure that we are accessible to our Tier 2 & 3 or remote geographies during the lockdown period?
  • How can we improve the quality & diversity of our student’s intake in this scenario? Will we still be able to recruit students from other states & countries?
  • What capabilities do we need to develop in the digital domain to help our prospects, future students understand what we have to offer?

Just imagine a technology that tracks and provides ease in handling current and future applications, a technology that is advanced with Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing coupled with its democratization ability making Admissions safe while assessing students online by conducting Secure, Scalable and affordable Online Entrance & Semester End Examinations.

Thus, educational institutions are constantly in search of a powerful solution in time to innovate, focus, re-align and respond to the new normal that helps the delivery of any type of examinations in a secure manner with ‘Online Remote/ Auto Proctored Exam Solutions’.


Talking on this approach to the Founder & CEO of  Wheebox, a Cloud-based Education Technology Platform by Integrated Learning Solution Private Limited, Nirmal Singh says, “We suggest that these solutions must have the below exclusive features."


  • Capability to create subjective tests of any types using our Editor or Picture Upload option
  • Students equipped with an option to upload a handwritten answer sheet either through a webcam or a mobile phone camera.
  • Robust platform to host objective and subjective questions.
  • AI-infused Image & Video Proctored solutions
  • Comprehensive features to support mathematical or scientific equations to coding
  • Customizable and simple User interface with our White Labelling, URL masking
  • Seamless transfer of data using our exclusive open APIs with existing LMS, ERP, etc.
  • In-depth analysis using Microsoft BI tools to give meaningful insights into the student/college's growth.

Why Go Virtual?

  • Digital approach for targeting & enhancing student’s experience helps in shifting to lead conversion from lead generation.
  • Helps in realigning focus on geographical strongholds & student segments where the brand is well established.
  • Cut & Optimizing logistics costs, Reduce Turnaround Time & Improves Education Organization’s Efficiency.


Thus, it is has become crucial in Refining & Strengthening a brand position that helps in making students, parents & other stakeholders prefer institutes that are updated with Time & Technology.