Leading IT Infrastructure management Service Provider

Leading IT Infrastructure management Service Provider

It is one of the fastest growing IT Infrastructure Management service provider and a comprehensive Cloud life cycle service provider with its operations hub in India and global presence across USA, UK and Middle East.

Business Challenge

The leading IT Infrastructure management service provider was facing challenge in Recruitment process time and cost effectiveness. In order to meet 1500 Recruits, the organization’s current selection rate was 15%. I.e. over 10,000 candidates were scheduled for meeting. The average Interview time spent from a Team Leader was between 25-35 minutes and average waiting time for interviewee was between 30-40 minutes. Average TAT (Turn around Time) between meeting the candidate to final acquisition was 15 days. Cost per acquisition was 50 USD (At TL Level). They wanted a solution that

  • can reduce the TAT (Turn around time)
  • Reduce CPA (Cost per acquisition) by atleast 40 %

The solution

Wheebox Proposed following methods to increase the hiring efficiency and to bring CPA down:

1. Change of Process Management – Focus on 2 Domains (Desktop and Network). Since major hiring were for these 2 domains.
2. Introduced Distributed Domain Assessments on Cloud using Secured auto proctored tool.
3. First Level Domain Interview (Team Leader) to be managed by certified professionals