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The world is changing in ways that could not be foretold even five years ago. Every plane of life has seen dramatic shifts-some sudden, as in the geopolitical arena as a decade of slower growth prompted the rise of nationalists as leaders. Other trends, evident for years, have accelerated to become quantum forces of change. Technology- the rise of AI and machine learning- and climate change- with its multiple ramifications - are key drivers of decisions; personal, corporate and at the level of governments. For corporations, the world over, but particularly in India with our curious demography, explosive potential and the complexities of needed education, skills, and employability, every goalpost of success has shifted.

Be it Market Complexities, Boundaryless Competitive Landscape, Changing Consumer Expectations, Regulatory changes or the new world of jobs - the wider context for work is in the state of flux.

The greatest drivers of change, however, are internal, as organizations and teams morph into new forms, driven again by this wider context but specifically by millennial workforces that lives and breathes technology and whose sensitivities demand respect, if we are to evolve into the highly productive organizations, that will succeed in the coming years. In addition to this Fluid 'gigs', decentralized teams as technology kills distance (in turn impacting culture) and a workforce that demands 'meaning' at work and a whole new set of incentives are hallmarks today.

In such a dynamic world where identifying the core attributes that would define success for the organizations of the future is difficult, building them is even more so. And thus, it is definitely something to be celebrated and recognized. With the New Code of Work Awards this what we aim to do. The New Code of Work Awards seeks to identify and highlight how thought leaders across corporate India are scripting this new wave.

New Code of Work Characteristics

Parameters we are evaluating the nominations on


Hallmarked by massive increases in productivity, industry today is led by technology and increasingly skilled teams that deliver products and services faster, better, cheaper. The New Code of Work expects focus on the 'how' of this productivity, substantial shifts in which are still expected. How will productivity be driven such that improvements are quantum but without strain; that the inspiration is happy teams; that it includes knowing how to let go rather than slog away, that it involves true focus on R&D and upskilling; and that it seeks out individual brilliance to expand that into team and corporate paradigms.

meaning at work

Purpose and meaning. Arguably the two big quests for mankind in the 21st century. At work, this translates into creating brand, experience and organizational structures that respond to this fundamental need of talent the world over. The New Code of Work is driving meaning at work through processes, experiences and critically, a value system that places higher purpose and deeper meaning at the core of organisational philosophy.


Leadership. Eternal. Ever changing. Continued paradigms, yet new manifestations. Inspirational. Collaborative. Visionary. Empathetic. Focused on the 'other' yet conscious of the impact of self. The New Code of Work needs leaders at the helm and yet, leaders strewn across the business, individuals in their own right but melded into a collective whole that is infinitely the better for their presence. What defines the 'successful' leader who will take us into tomorrow?

Future Readiness

When the pace of change is meteoric, future readiness must be a core organizational attribute. As technologies, demographics and governments accelerate this trend what was the future yesterday becomes the present and even sooner the past. Future readiness encompasses strategy, people and organizational structures. The heart of tomorrow's organisation, 'readiness' will occupy pole position where short-term wins will naturally dovetail into long-term success on the plinth of visionary agility.

Award Categories

1. Large Multinationals

Companies with presence in atleast 5 countries (covering at least THREE continents) and an annual revenue more than 5000 Cr INR.

3. Startup:

Startups with an annual revenue of 3 crore INR (minimum) and have completed minimum 5 years and maximum 8 years of being in business.

2. Large Enterprises

Companies headquartered in India, with an annual revenue more than 1000 Cr INR.

4. Mid size Enterprises

Companies headquartered in India, with an annual revenue that ranges between 30 Cr - 1000 Cr INR.

Process of Participation for Corporations


Nomination Invite

Participation in the New Code of Work awards is by invite only. To participate in the survey, you should have received a nomination invite from the new code of work team. In case you would like to request a nomination invite, please fill in your details here and our team will reach out to you soon.


Application Submission

Participating organizations would need to fill in an online application form where details related to four criteria would be captured.


Evaluation and shortlist

The submitted applications will undergo a detailed evaluation by our process partners EY and a shortlist of nominations would be announced.


Jury Round

Shortlisted nominations would be evaluated by the Jury to arrive at the list of winners.



Winners will be announced on 6 February at "Workfest 2020" – a gala evening that will be hosted at oberoi's gurgaon.


Nomination Start Date: 16.09.2019
Nomination Closure Date: 20.10.2019
Leadership Assessment : 30.10.2019
Jury Intercation: 16.11.2029
Announcement of Awards: 06.02.2020


Nomination: Workfest-nomination@Workfest.in
Leadership Assessment : info@Workfest.in
Jury Intercation: info@Workfest.in

Award Ceremony

Location: The Oberois, Gurugram
Date: 06.02.2020
Time: 5-7pm followed by Dinner
(By Invitation Only)



Chairperson NCOW Awards,Former Managing Director, IMA India

Anand Kripalu

MD & CEO of Diageo Global

Santrupt Misra

Director, Global H.R. & CEO, Carbon Black Business at Aditya Birla Group

Renuka Ramnath

Founder, MD and CEO at Multiples Alternate Asset Management

Deep Kalra

CEO of MakeMyTrip



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