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Wheebox National Employability Test

Employability in a broader spectrum can be referred to as the ability to secure a job and to excel in it. It is about having to excel in a professional environment while learning & adapting to new capabilities. People remain unemployed due to their lack of the required skills. It is therefore of utmost importance that graduates and professionals assess their employability before they enter into a particular industry.

What is an Employment Test?

Employment tests usually are standardized devices designed to measure skills, intellect, personality, and other characteristics. They yield a score, rating, description or category.

To assess whether a candidate is employable, an Employability Test and is required to give a clear picture of one's areas of expertise and improvement. The methods of test are in compliance with world assessment standards. An online employability assessment can help save cost and crucial time of companies and utilize their time well.

Keeping in account the huge Employability Skill Gap in Indian IT industry and the hassles faced in recruiting the right talents, it has become almost mandatory to leverage employability test services to utilize resources well and become successful.

The Wheebox National Employability Test (WNET)

Wheebox National Employability Test is a pre-employment screening assessment that is endorsed by Industries and Academia. It helps employers shortlist candidates using an initial transcript and detailed scorecard for each module for candidates, while highlighting their strengths and improvement areas.

What does WNET Assess?

  • Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive ability is one of the most powerful predictors of future work performance. Cognitive ability measures the verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning, and the resulting scores reflect a person's ability to acquire, retain, organize, and apply information. People who score well in the cognitive ability aspect are more likely to develop a greater knowledge of the job quickly, make better decisions, successfully reason & solve problems, and respond appropriately to new or complex situations.

  • English language

English is the Global language of Business. It is a universally spoken language, and caters to businesses globally. Assessing the linguistic skills is a necessity when it comes to working on global level. Assessing English Language skills provides feedback on a person’s ability to organize words into sentences and in various structures (Simple/Complex/Compound). The second component that is assessed is the test taker's ability in terms of lexicology & vocabulary.

  • Behavioral Traits

WNET assesses 3 behavioral traits: the learning ability, interpersonal skills, and adaptability. It assesses attitudes in workplaces. Today the behavioral aspect has taken a major role in short-listing candidates. Positive and negative behavior can change a company's atmosphere. The staff of a company has substantial impact on the motivation of those around them. Both motivation and de-motivation can often be contagious in a workplace.

  • Respective Domain knowledge

Precise and accurate problem definition is critical for the overall success of an employee in a particular field. Domain knowledge helps reach precision and accuracy. It adds value to a project/product. It will also help in better way to understanding the product requirements. All of this makes it necessary to assess a candidate’s domain expertise for specific fields, be it – IT, Data Analysis, or whatnot.

How does the Test help?

One of the key objectives of WNET is to do meaningful matchmaking between Talent Demand and Supply. It gives a clear picture of how employable a candidate is based on their skills and areas of improvement.

It also helps save cost and crucial time of companies, and helps them utilize their time well.

Who can use this test?

The target population for WNET is final- and pre-final-year students across Higher Education Campuses that aim to give all aspirants a snapshot of their capability in Employability Skills.

Duration, Mode & Report

The assessment can be taken in English and Hindi. It takes about 70 minutes to complete the test and the report of the performance is provided immediately.


The test is most accepted and used across Campuses in India and over 1.2 million candidates have taken the test from India and over from 27 countries globally. WNET has been conducted for over 1 million students. The test is validated and standardized by Industries and Institutions alike. The test is endorsed by the following Institutions/Authorities:

  • All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  • Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • Taggd

All of the above have endorsed Transcripts and Reports of Wheebox National Employability Test for building India Skills Reports.