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This India Skills Report is an essential element to highlight both the scale of the challenge and the opportunity it represents, and this tripartite collaboration is essential for solving the challenges of skills development.

Pramod Bhasin
Non-Executive Vice Chairman, Genpact

The India Skills Report is an extremely important benchmark to help us measure and evaluate progress against this challenge because if we can't measure it, we can't fix it! As it shows, with an employability index of only 37.2%, these problems left unsolved will only get worse and pose a great threat to India's future.

Nishant K. Rao
Country Manager, LinkedIn India

There is a fundamental shift in the work we do, the workplaces we do it in and the workers who perform it. The India Skills Report by PeopleStrong and Wheebox, in collaboration with CII can be a catalyst towards initiating dialogue on initiatives needed to buy, build, borrow or boost talent.

Prithvi Shergill
Chief Human Resources Officer, HCL Technologies

Matchmaking between the skill supply and demand is imperative to resolve the 'Talent' crisis. The India Skills Report with a holistic picture of both sides seems like an information base for the same. It is great to see how matchmaking between the two ends can be done.

Captain Gopinath — Founder,
Air Deccan

The lack of adequate skills and high attrition rates, has a huge impact in terms of India's ability to absorb new technologies and new solutions. The deep insights into the skill reservoir and the skill gap of the country as captured in the India Skills Report, will be crucial for developing actionable steps for reaching the next level of growth in India!

Mr. Poul Jensen, Director ,
European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC)

"Demand-Supply gap for Talent has been challenge for some time now. The India Skills Report with a holistic picture involving both sides seems like an information base which can help to bridge these gaps. It will be great to see how matchmaking between the two ends can be done."

Mr. Saurabh Govil,
Sr. Vice President — Human Resources, Wipro Technologies

We are happy to see the launch of the 2nd edition of the India Skills Report prepared by CII. The first edition that was released last year, was well received by all our stakeholders as it had interesting insights and research. The report is very well researched and it is good to see that it matches the requirement of both the demand and the supply side. This will help us channelize our efforts and choose our partners accordingly. We will be able to focus even better on respective industry sectors and ensure that we impart the right skills required in those sectors.

Dilip Chenoy MD & CEO, NSDC
With the newly found focus and initiative on skill development we are confident that the quality of talent/ skill supply will surely tum around. The plan is ready, the academia, Government and corporates just need to act on it for results.

Mr. Y. K.Gupta
Pro-Chancellor Sharda University and Vice Chairman, Sharda Group of Institutions

I congratulate Wheebox and Team for launching the Second Edition of The India Skills Report which will certainly help the Government, industry association to foster sector wise initiatives in the skill development space.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pandey
President, NIIT University Neemrana

With a population of 1.3 billion, of which about 0.8 billion in the working age - India in 2020 is surely something the world can look forward to. This report is an effort towards this goal. Initiatives like ISR (India Skills Report) will benefit the stakeholders in the information technology domain in recognizing the skill levels of the supply side and needs of the demand side of Talent Supply Chain.

Akash Agarwal
Country Manager, EC Council India

The India Skills Report, with comprehensive insights into India's Skill Reservoir parallel to the industry outlook can be used as strong base for transforming the education and recruitment cycle.

Arun Kumar Jha
Director General, Niesbud

"Global challenges have given India an opportunity to raise the bar and exceed global standards. Only competitive advantage for India to be ahead, is through bridging the skill gap. Education factories match demand & supply by producing qualified people, though skills have taken a back seat. Corporate needs Skills of Quality, Productivity and Sustainability. Only aspirants without skills are creating a huge talent shortage especially in niche markets like Pharma & Bio tech".

Devesh Srivastava,
Sr. Vice President - Group HR, Teva Group

"The Education system in this country is undergoing a paradigm shift to improve upon the employability factor. NIELIT is an important part of this chain. The India Skills Report 2014 with comprehensive insights into India's Skill Reservoir can be used as the strong base for bringing this change by scaling up the emploability opprtunities. My Best wishes for taking this initiative"

Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma,
National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology,New Delhi

Creating a skill pool that can be employed readily by corporate is a mamoth task . The Detailed insights captured in India Skills Report would help in taking steps for match making in skill demand and supply. I extend my best wishes for the appreciable Report.

Mr. V.P Rao, Director, Department of Training and Technical Education Government of NCT, Delhi