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Wheebox-Web-based and Hybrid Efficient Examination Box is India's leading talent assessment company helping Enterprise, Government and Academic Institutions globally to measure and identify talent. At Wheebox we understand that finding the right talent is the overarching initiative that supports organizational growth and stability.


Institutional Alliances Business

Every year, over six million students pass out of thousands of engineering, management, General Purpose, Vocational Institutes in India, competing in similar job domains. With the supply exceeding demand, how do you ensure that your students stand out in the crowd? In a job market that is increasingly becoming skill-intensive, how do you know where your students fit in with the demands of the Industry? Wheebox, India's leading Online Talent Assessment Company in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) brings Wheebox Employability Skill Test supported by many government agencies and leading companies of India.

Wheebox Employability Skill Test is an online adaptive test of 90 minutes on four areas Life Skills, Cognitive Abilities, English as Second Language, Domain Knowledge hosted on IBM SmartCloud which provides robustness that supports huge concurrent users at any given time. It is a unique and comprehensive test that evaluates your final year students on their "Key Employability Skills" which potential employers look for in a candidate, helping you build a profitable association between your institute and the industry

A Competitive edge for your students

Participation in a pan-India test that has been designed as per the demands of the industry itself looks good on a fresh graduate's resume. Add to this a score card with the student's rank and percentile and your students will undoubtedly feel better prepared to face prospective companies.

Reach out to the best

Given our association with Fortune 500 clients and Indian multinationals that are seeking to recruit fresher, your students can be hired by our premier employer partners. Additionally, if your institute ranks high on our report, it is bound to attract companies that are willing to enlist fresher directly from your campus.

Recognition that counts

With performance being the criteria, you don't have to be a big brand, a known name or a huge campus to figure on our list. Isn't that just the kind of exposure your institute needs to stand out in today's aggressively competitive employment scenario? Your students are just one skill test away from thousands of sought-after technical and non-technical job opportunities. We urge you to email at info@wheebox.com for a detailed solution for your institution.