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India Skills Report 2016

Currently with one of the highest youth population in the world, India faces its greatest opportunity as well as challenge. It is slated to become the world's youngest nation by 2022. Whereas the population bulge provides for a huge reservoir of manpower, it also draws unprecedented focus towards making this talent pool employable- so that they can contribute towards a developed India.

Many new initiatives have been launched — Make in India, Smart Cities, Digital India, Start Up India — all focused towards reviving and scaling various aspects of economy. Skill India is the backbone of all these initiatives as it will create a conducive eco-system for skill development in India.

The India Skill Report is a joint Initiative of Wheebox in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry, PeopleStrong, Association of Indian Universities and LinkedIn. The report presents not only the employability factor of the youth from across the country from different educational background but also the needs & expectations of the employers. It is this scientific tool that can help address the skill gaps in labour market and facilitate better employment opportunities for the youth, thereby increasing India's industrial productivity.

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ISR 2016