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Cognitive Ability Assessments

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Cognitive Ability Test

Wheebox Cognitive Ability tests (CA Test) are one of the most powerful predictors of future work performance. Wheebox Cognitive ability tests measure verbal, numerical, logical and abstract reasoning and the resulting score reflects the person's ability to acquire, retain, organize and apply information.

Wheebox CA Test will give the potential employer more information about candidate's abilities in specific areas, including candidate's ability to comprehend a range of data and text, reason and learn. Ability tests are usually timed and thus measure both accuracy and speed. Hiring people with high cognitive ability can lead to a significant increase in efficiency and a decrease in involuntary employee turnover.

The respective scores in each area determine the overall performance in Cognitive Abilities. Using Wheebox iterative algorithm can ensure validity and fairness in terms of content variation and difficulty; this also heightens the security of the test and ensures that candidates do not share questions and responses. The iterative algorithm ensures that difficulty levels are controlled and equivalent across candidates. Hence even using 45 minutes to identify the right candidate the test ensures that no biasness is prevalent between two candidates. As candidates' scores are compared to relevant normative groups, this test accurately predicts job performance across all role types. Wheebox CA tests the following areas of General Aptitude.

1. Numerical Reasoning: Wheebox Numerical reasoning assesses the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, averages, percentages and ratios, typically requiring a GCSE or equivalent level of education in mathematics to complete. These questions will be timed and candidates are given strict time limits to provide answers.

2. Verbal Reasoning: Wheebox Verbal reasoning identifies the reasoning using concepts framed in words. It evaluates ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition.

3. Logical Reasoning: Wheebox Logical Reasoning tests logical consequences that one can explain: Informally. Two kinds of logical reasoning are tested in a short period of time Deductive and Inductive reasoning of a candidate.

4. Abstract Reasoning: Wheebox Abstract reasoning test measures candidate's lateral thinking skills, which are ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data in order to integrate information, and apply it to solve problems.