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Wheebox-Web-based and Hybrid Efficient Examination Box is India's leading talent assessment company helping Enterprise, Government and Academic Institutions globally to measure and identify talent. At Wheebox we understand that finding the right talent is the overarching initiative that supports organizational growth and stability.

Behavioral Assessments

Practice Test


Sales Litmus Test is used to define human personality for a sales related job. The SALT theory is based on the Five Factor Model (FFM), The Five framework of personality traits for SALT emerged as a robust model for organizations those recruit sales professionals to understand the relationship between personality and traits required for performing a successful sales jobs.
The SAL-Test assesses the following traits for a Sales Role:
1. Extraversion/Ability to develop a network
2. Self-Initiative and Planning Capabilities
3. Motivation
4. Ability to Manage Stress
5. Flexibility/Adaptability to manage situations
6. Result Orientation/Sense of Achievement
7. Integrity
8. Attention to Detail
9. Persistence/Thoroughness in Follow up

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Compass is an online behavioral assessment that assesses individual's personality, core strengths and improvement areas. The insight from the assessment helps organizations to perform the following functions:
use competencies and competency framework to identify, develop and reinforce certain types of behavior that are required to achieve organizational success. Today almost all the fortune 500 corporations have integrated the concept of competencies in all critical areas of human resources management. The COMPASS assessment series helps organizations to identify and develop competency related behaviors.

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c. CuSAT Profiler

Wheebox Customer Service Aptitude Profiler measures five distinct customer focused behavioral traits and statistically compare them with others who have taken the test. Wheebox Customer Service Aptitude Test measures the listed traits of a candidate using a 20 minutes computer based test.
CuSAT Profiler assesses the following abilities:
1.Customer Service Orientation
2.Customer Handling Skills
4.Customer Understanding
5.Self Discipline