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Wheebox-Web-based and Hybrid Efficient Examination Box is India’s leading talent assessment company helping Enterprise, Government and Academic Institutions globally to measure and identify talent. At Wheebox we understand that finding the right talent is the overarching initiative that supports organizational growth and stability.

Psychometric Assessment

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Companies and organizations use psychometric tests to find out the best-suited candidates for the job in the most efficient manner. INSIGHT 360 is one of the most reliable and validated Psychometric test that works as an indicator to identify talent for a job that the employers seek to identify the most suitable candidates in the most economical way possible.

INSIGHT 360 is designed to measure a candidate’s intelligence and situational judgment. Some of the specific areas that INSIGHT 360 measures include problem-solving, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgment to assess the approach encountered in workplace.

Wheebox being a member of International Test Commission and Indian Psychology Association ensures that all test guidelines are followed for conducting Psychometric Test.

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