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People do make hiring mistakes all the time. None achieves a 100% error free hiring, however, there are a few high stake mistakes a hiring manager must avoid in order to avoid the high risks involved.


  1. Two wrongs can never make a right

Doing away with the hiring biases will remain a dream for organizations, if the assessment partner doesn’t offer a solution addressing the problem area.

From campus hiring to lateral, such biases can be seen in every hiring process and may jeopardize the hiring intent and effectiveness big way. The fight for the right fit stays in every business. A right fit may be age fitment, gender fitment, personality fitment, cultural fitment or anything that the hirer feels about the candidate during an interview.

Not letting the biases cloud your judgement is easier said than done. While empaneling an assessment partner always ensure to check if they have any intelligent way to process an unbiased assessment enabling the hiring managers to take more informed hiring decisions.

Finding the assessment partner offering advanced AI driven assessments will never let you miss out on great candidates.


  1. Not assessing the Assessor

While considering the assessment vendor, not evaluating the capabilities and competence they can bring on-board will do less good than the bad.

The assessment partner should be able to map your requirements and translate it to a great experience delivered to your end users, the candidates. Evaluating the partner, the right way will help hiring managers build a strong hiring system that would not only enable the organization to fetch best of the talent worldwide but also would help improve the employer attractiveness quotient. Running through the Product Demo isn’t enough, go beyond to check the credibility and stability of the platform.

With some or the other tech disruption happening every fortnight, evaluate how future ready the assessment partner is and how they intend to streamline their product road-map with your organization’s business plans.


  1. Don’t snorkel, Deep dive the platform

Never let the marketing overwhelm you with the fancy content, dive deep and rip the layers strand by strand to know every details of the product and platform offering. From the content, complexity levels, types of questions, quality and validity of the test to the interface, platform, supporting technology, ease of test taking, overall experience, reporting and the scope of customization; every detail needs to be evaluated in depth.

The right assessment partner will not just deliver the assessments, but will bring on-board the expertise of building deep insights and enabling right people decisions which would be easily visible with reduced attrition rate, increased productivity, and high business performance.

The hiring needs keep changing with the change in the nature of jobs and the workforce. The right assessment partner should be able to offer a future ready solution catering to the ever changing nature of hiring. Moreover, there is no one size that fits all, which makes it further critical to look for partners who can offer the customized solutions addressing your hiring needs.