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Top 3 Hiring Trends a Future Ready CHRO must watch in 2019

2019 will bring in a lot of new dimensions in the Hiring space. CHROs who are ready to implement these hiring trends are sure to stay on the top of the game! It’s going to be the year of Next-Gen trends with Artificial Intelligence and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) redefining the Hiring process. As AI is getting infused in our day to day life, CHROs need to get their workplace AI ready to stay ahead of the competition. The battle to recruit right talent remains one of the top challenges and would continue to become fierce with changing HR trends and technology disruption. With the boom of the gig economy, top talents are already warming up to it and are shying away from regular 9 – 5 jobs. This factor will further add up to the challenge of sourcing the right candidate. For CHROs, it is extremely crucial as they still need to be both ‘human’ and ‘digital’ to attract, engage and retain talents at the workplace. 


Here are some of the top hiring trends that all CHROs need to watch out for in 2019.



Advanced AI: While the industry is still getting warmed to AI, few companies are leveling up the game with advanced AI solution & offerings.  As we see tremendous developments in the field of big data analysis, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence, it is high time for CHROs to adapt to these new technology trends in their respective workplaces, if not done already.  AI can play a major role in different hiring processes to make the life easy – both for the job seekers and employers. Right from attracting talent to next-gen custom assessments to evaluate the candidate’s fitment, AI will be the game winner.



Intelligent Insight: 2019 will be the year guided by big data and dynamic reporting. Deep insights on candidate profiling, evaluation and fitment will be the most sought-after trend in 2019. Predictive Analytics and Data modelling will reveal important matrices about a potential employee’s performance that will help companies to make hiring decisions. It will also play a major role in learning & development-based assessments and will provide data plug ins for predicting employee retention. 



Live Online Proctoring: Live proctoring is gaining attention and is becoming a new hiring trend, especially where the organization needs to build a talent pool, globally. It helps to conduct accurate assessment tests live and online across geographies. CHROs, who are looking to implement campus hiring as one of their recruitment strategies, can get immense benefit by investing in live online proctoring. This AI enabled technology is now bringing a paradigm shift in the hiring assessment process. Recently, Wheebox, leaders in online talent assessments, made a whopping record of 30,000 online tests proctored live on a single day using remote proctoring, setting up a new industry standard in e-assessment space.



No matter what said and done, 2019 will be all about candidate experience. Candidate’s overall experience during the whole recruitment process will play a crucial role in a candidate’s decision to join any organization. Introducing new technologies in the hiring process (for example, an online assessment test) will not only save time, money and energy but will also send out a positive message about the company’s efficient and fast-paced work culture.