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Wheebox Partners with IIT Bhubaneswar to develop technology for conducting online Examination

IIT Bhubaneswar in association with Wheebox has developed a system for conducting all types of examinations including the class tests and end-semester examination for the institute. The new method will overcome several limitations of holding only computer-based tests, lacking the robustness, reliability of invigilation and connection faced by the commercially available online examination systems

Wheebox designed and deployed the online examination solution for IIT Bhubaneswar that addresses all the stated challenges in a comprehensive manner


Question Bank Management System: - Capability to author any type of questions ranging from Multiple Choice Objective Questions, Subjective Questions, Image, Audio and Video based Question. The Platform also has coding simulators inbuilt to test IT student’s coding skills and an Editor to author complex mathematical and scientific questions


Subjective Answers: - We understand writing long subjective answers would never be easy on a computer for most of the students, more specifically if the answer need to be supported with a complex diagram. We have enabled our subjective answer section with webcam and mobile upload option, students can use either of these options to upload a handwritten sheet which he could have used to write long subjective answers or have drawn a complex diagram.


Proctored Online Examination: - Remote proctored assessment solution is infused to ensure rigor and monitoring of this high-stake semester exams, the following extensive features were used by the institute to avoid impersonation and cheating throughout the duration of the exam:


  • REMOTE PROCTORED ASSESSMENTfor remote authentication and proctoring of the candidates along with AI tool to track the movement of the candidate during the examination. System or the Proctor is empowered to pause the test or end the exam, or enable an automated submission of the exam, if assigned number of warnings are exceeded.
  • FACE TRACKINGto track the candidate’s Face provides warning if there is any doubt of proxy or more than one candidate taking test or if any unwarranted application is opened during the test.
  • DESKTOP CONTROLUsing Wheebox Safe Web Browser application, it tracks the activity on the user’s monitor, freezes all other functionalities related to screen sharing, mirroring, projection, navigation between browsers, etc



DIGITAL ID VERIFICATION to ensure bonafide students are given access to the test window, student will be asked to capture his photo and a valid Government ID before being allowed to the test window using the webcam. The Captured image of the student and his ID is verified and approved by an approver designated from the institute post which the student will be allowed to view the questions and continue the test.