Leading Education Company

Leading Education Company

One of the fastest growing education company helping people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives. They are working towards opening up a world of opportunities in education by offering effective, accessible and personalized learning for everyone.

Business Challenge

With nearly 200+ colleges in Bangladesh, the organisation wanted to use a test for

  • Scientific Pre screening and certification test across the institutions.
  • The test must run within the closed environment of the institution , must be secured and must predict the right score of the candidate.
  • It should measure a candidate’s Cognitive Ability and Domain knowledge and give the aspirants a snapshot of their ability.
  • Centralization of Information like candidate registration, scores etc.
  • Immediate certification after examination.
The solution

Wheebox used its rich content, Scalable and Secured servers to solve the closed environment testing for Pre-Screening. The test was based on a the same terminology on which Wheebox Employability Skill Test is designed.

  • Introduce Distributed Domain Assessments on Cloud using Secured auto proctored tool.
  • After the completion of the assessments the students are provided certificates and transcripts
  • The test measured a candidate’s Cognitive Ability along with English, Behavioral Traits and pertinent Domain knowledge
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