Autonomous Govt. of India

Autonomous Govt. of India

One of the leading autonomous body of Govt. of India, agency for learning and certification for conducting particular course, specializing in the non-formal sector of IT education.

Business Challenge

The autonomous body wanted to host an online aptitude test for all candidates to prepare them for pre-hiring assessment across India and over 650 locations of own and franchise training premises in the country where students could take the tests online and get development plans to improve their competencies

The solution

Wheebox hosted the assessment engine on hosted cloud and designed the complete cloud based solution to assess and benchmark candidates. We proposed the following methods to host pre-hiring assessment aptitude test .

1. Host Test Engine on IBM Smart Cloud with Analytic Engine.
2. Provide scalable concurrency using Virtual Machines and Load Balancers.
3. Deploys Adaptive Test Engine to the autonomous body