Leading IT Solution Company

Leading IT Solution Company

IT Solution company and a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading Information Technology Consulting Services. It focuses on providing advanced skills for employment in IT, Finance and Accounts, Design & Creative, Office Management and several other areas.

Business Challenge

The Education and Training arm of this company wanted a platform for candidates :
1. To check candidates' industry/job readiness by measuring their Aptitude, Communication & other industry relevant parameters.
2. To use an adaptive testing system, which would generate instant ranking of the students taking the assessment to provide scholarship on ranking basis.

The major challenge was to reach out to all the colleges and centers across India. The client agreed to host the assessment in an online format as it was not possible to reach a large number of students and generate ranking instantly while using an adaptive testing system in pen and paper mode.

The solution

Wheebox proposed and designed a customized platform for the client in order to increase the assessment efficiency. We proposed the following procedure to the client :

1. Complete white labeling of the landing page of the clients Employability and scholarship test
2. Wheebox adaptive test engine was used to assess the candidates which was based on IBM-Soft layer cloud data centre at Singapore
3. Wheebox Analytics Tools was provided to test coordinators at client site to view state wise and test center wise results instantaneously
4. Analytics tool provided features to view candidate’s regional and national ranking at any point of time
5. Coordinators were given facility to download detailed reports of candidates highlighting strengths and weakness of candidates

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