India's best engineering institute

India's best engineering institute

One of the leading university which stands among top Engineering and B-schools of India runs its technical continuing education programs designed for employed professionals working in engineering and technology domains.

Business Challenge

The leading university wants to automate its assessment solution for candidates pursuing their technical continuing education program. Their 2 major challenges were

  • shifting their assessment process from pen and paper to an online and secured mode to ensure content protection and user privacy.
  • in depth online subjective assessment of the candidates after class room training, enabling the candidates to participate without affecting their work life.

The solution

Wheebox designed

  • Subjective Test were created for wide portfolio of courses offered to candidates by the university.
  • To ensure high level of content protection and prevent unauthorized resources being used during an exam,Wheebox provided a totally secured browser, thereby securing the workstation from content sharing, screen sharing and regulating the access to any utilities like system functions, other websites and applications.
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