Leading IT Solution Provider

Leading IT Solution Provider

One of the fastest growing steel company with operations in 26 countries and commercial presence in 50 countries. It is one of the top ten global steel companies in the world spread across 5 continents.

Business Challenge

The fastest growing IT Company wants to hire lateral resource for projects in cloud and application development specially candidates with more than 5 years of experience and above. Most of the lateral candidates do not want to visit for assessments or for short technical interviews as for 30-40 minutes session it takes their complete day. And telephonic interviews rounds in the present format is not helping the client where the final hiring efficiency is less than 15% because the interviewers are not equipped to categorize large number of applicants specially when it comes to newer technologies or specialized projects discussions. They wanted a Solution that :
1. Increase hiring efficiency without being intrusive to the candidate.
2. The Company does not want to do away with Assessments and Project technical interviews as first level of short-listing process.

The solution

Wheebox built a solution with the help of Solutions team that could possibly help both sides of talent eco system. It introduced to a new service “Auto Proctor” that is auto proctoring through which a candidate can apply and give test from their home, cafe or any place of their ease by using any internet connected device enabled with a web camera during the test. This service helps hassle free and non intrusive, optimize cost and time effective solution to the selection process. Wheebox also assisted the company in conducting personal interview via telephone or video interview platform from Subject matter experts.

  • Solutions teams designed and pre built assessments for all fourteen levels of hiring and mapped to competency framework of the organization.
  • Wheebox uploaded the tests post internal validations to its secured platform and made it Video proctored, so that the candidate can take the exam at their own ease within stipulated time and yet be fully secured.
  • All candidates scoring above norms were automatically diverted to their ease of telephonic/video interview time slots.
  • Candidates were interviewed by a set of Wheebox Subject matter experts on Projects, Roles, Views on Technology and English Communication along with their role in team management.
  • Wheebox SMEs marked each candidate on 5-point scale on each of competencies and submitted electronically.
  • All candidates above standard norms in technology assessments and SME Scale are automatically collated and populated on dashboard instantaneously.
  • Talent Acquisition teams at the company have an access to the Dashboard and gets into the second round of discussion (Actually 3rd round) for One-On-One interview with the Project manager.