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Leading Education Company

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Business Challenge

The consulting arm of the company wanted to prepare a competence development model for one of the largest IT firms .The major challenge was conduction of an assessment where candidate undergoes case studies, role play with an assessor where assessor insights are drawn online and then the candidate undergoes a behavioral interview with the assessor. Till now this was designed using an Assessment Center, however this was not possible in this case due to geographical spread of candidates across many continents and turn around time of the project.

The solution

Wheebox proposed and designed a platform for the client in order to simulate a complete assessment center online to increase the assessment efficiency. We proposed the following procedure to the client:

  • A case study test where system allots marks according to responses.
  • A role-play test, where situations where given to the assessor by the system and assessor had to rate the responses online. This came with an option of image and video proctoring.
  • The behavioral interview, where questions were system generated and assessor rated the responses online. This was also image or video proctored too.
  • Analytic access was given to the assessor where he could only view or if needed change his ratings for role-play and behavioral interview. For every change in rating the system requests for comments.
  • Report was generated and a copy of it is sent to Quality control so it can be validated.