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Leading Education Company

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Business Challenge

With over 700+ YCTCs in West Bengal, the Government wanted a solution for the following problems.

1. Change in mode of exam conduction – from Pen and Paper to Online.
2. Decentralized information – Registration, Candidate registration, Result population and Certification.
3. High priority activities ,Scheduling of examination, registration of candidates, uploading candidates’ theory marks were done manually.
4. The TAT for issuing certificate was nearly 40 days, which is extremely high.

The solution

Wheebox designed a customized process for the client and assessed nearly 25000 candidates monthly at remotest location. We proposed the following methods to increase assessment efficiency :

  • Change of Process Management – The YCTCs were registered in a given time slot. These YCTCs in turn register their own students. The 1st Sem students can directly register themselves directly , but the 2nd sem students are asked to put in their previous semester percentage before registration.
  • The YCTCs are given limited admin rights for Uploading the marks attained by the user in practical examination.
  • Introduce Distributed Domain Assessments on Cloud using Secured auto proctored tool.
  • After the completion of the assessments the students are provided certificates if they have cleared the examination and transcript if the have not.