India Skills Report 2018


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India Skills Report 2018

India Skills Report 2018 is powered by Wheebox and joint initiative by PeopleStrong, a leading HR solutions and HR Technology company from India, in Collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry. The fifth edition of India Skills Report, captures insights and trends from the largest employability test that was spread out to 5200 Universities and Professional Institutions in India. The test reached out to more than 5 lakh+ students across 29 states and 7 Union Territories on the talent supply side, along with India hiring intent - a primary research survey on the talent demand side that reached out to over 120+ employers across 12 major industry verticals, it is an annual report published in the month of February this year backed by various other renowned partners like Pesrson, United Nations Development Programme, AICTE, AIU and various state governments.

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