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Critical thinking can be defined as the ability to consider a range of information derived from many different sources, to process this information in a creative and logical manner, challenging it, analyzing it and arriving at considered conclusions which can be defended and justified.
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The Wheebox Critical Thinking test is an online assessment designed to measure an individual's ability to take one's thinking apart systematically, to analyze each part and to arrive at conclusions which are impartial, well informed and objective. It is widely regarded as the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

What does it measure?

The test reflects scores on the following:

  1. Assumption: Assumptions are statements that are implied to be true in the absence of proof. Recognizing assumptions allows individuals to distinguish fact from opinion and sift out the relevance of the facts that are presented. Identifying assumptions also helps to discover information gaps.
  2. Inference: An inference is a step of the mind, an intellectual act by which one concludes that something is true in light of something else's being true or seeming to be true. Having strong inference skills enables individuals to make decisions in a logical step-by step manner.
  3. Conclusion: This deals with arriving at conclusions that logically follow from the evidence available to us. People who possess this skill do not inappropriately generalize beyond the evidence.

Test Tools and Instructions

Wheebox Critical Thinking Test is a 45 minutes online assessment that can be taken on any internet connected device and the results are administered instantly. Candidates are advised to take the test using an uninterrupted power supply and Internet connected device. Candidates cannot leave the test in between, as it will deactivate candidate's login.

Benefits of the test:

  1. Identify inconsistencies and errors in reasoning.
  2. Approach problems in a consistent and systematic way.
  3. Reflect on the justification of their own assumptions, beliefs and values.
  4. Remain open to all ideas, regardless of their own biases or prior assumptions.
  5. Break new grounds - Employees explore new solutions for common problems and employees are forced to look beyond conventional solutions and look for new ideas that can help to efficiently address problems.

The Critical Thinking test predicts strength in critical thinking in authentic workplace situations. The test can be used by organizations for occupational selection, learning and development as well as for personal development. The test can be especially useful for Mid-Management & senior management candidates to assess management as a skill, critical decision-makers as well as business consultants.

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