D-Link Network Associate

The D-Link Network Associate (DNA) program is D-Link's entry-level networking certification of D-Link certification framework. DNA certification is conducted exclusively by Wheebox in India.

Upon completion of the DNA program, the participants will gain knowledge of:

  • Network components, types and topology
  • OSI reference model and TCP/IP
  • Internet protocol and addressing scheme
  • Wireless LAN concept and operation principle
  • Cloud networking and service models
  • Network Application

Program Cost and Certification Fee:

  • DNA Certification Fee will cost 250 INR or 5 USD for each candidate*.
  • After online registration and successful payment of certification fee, all candidates will be able to download courseware at no cost.

* Applicable for a limited period


  • Post online registration, all candidates will be able to download DNA Courseware at no cost.
  • Candidates will be able to take DNA Certification exam online and receive DNA e-Certificate
  • All candidates will be part of Wheebox Equal Employment Opportunity program.

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