Are You Thinking About Online Examinations?


Technology, today, has revolutionized many sectors which also has upgraded the traditional assessment process with Online Examinations. Perhaps, the thought of doing online examinations in the comfort of your own home might have seemed far-fetched a long ago.

But with advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing coupled with its democratization ability, has made Online Examination Safe, Secure, Scalable and affordable.  However as institutions explore online examination solution; there seem few pertinent questions which stands addressed below.

Online learning is happening, what about online assessments?

Online assessments are an integral component of the education ecosystem. With an increasingly competitive educational landscape, innovations in technology, and data-driven insights into teaching and learning methodologies, an online high stake examination allows students, teachers, and parents to track and measure the student’s scholarly progress.

How to create non text based Question bank?

Our Question Bank Management System allows authoring any type of questions ranging from:

  • Multiple Choice Objective Questions
  • Subjective Questions
  • Image
  • Video based Question
  • Audio

The Platform is also embedded with coding simulators to test coding skills of IT students and an Editor to author complex mathematical and scientific questions.

How can we digitize Pen & Paper assessments and conduct subjective or long answer exams online including drawing?

Our powerful solution helps the delivery of entrance & semester examinations in a secured manner with subjective answer supporting a complex diagram. Exclusive features like:

  • Upload Answer Sheet using Mobile / Webcam
  • Upload images of a handwritten sheet (Jpg / PDF)
  • In-depth analysis using Microsoft  BI Tools
  • Customizable & Simple User Interface
  • Robust Platform to host objective & Subjective questions
How to ensure the same level of rigor and monitoring for high stake exams?

Remote proctored assessment solution infused with Artificial Intelligence to ensure rigor and monitoring of this high-stake semester exams.

REMOTE PROCTORED ASSESSMENT for remote authentication and proctoring of the candidates along with AI tool to track the movement of the candidate during the examination.

FACE TRACKING to track the candidate’s Face provides warning if there is any doubt of proxy or more than one candidate taking test or if any unwarranted application is opened during the test.

DESKTOP CONTROL Using Wheebox Safe Web Browser application, it tracks the activity on the user’s monitor, freezes all other functionalities related to screen sharing, mirroring, projection, navigation between browsers, etc.

How can we evaluate Subjective answers?

Markers can view summary of response and assessment question

  • Marking Tool- Markers or Teachers can score on each question or assignment, Comment on specific assignment.
  • View Next Sheet- Markers or Teachers can skip, navigate between questions or assignment using this tool
  • Student Assignment- View Student assignment in pdf format. Can scroll, skip and annotate using Digital Annotation tools.
  • Annotation Tool- View Student assignment in pdf format. Can scroll, skip and annotate using Digital Annotation tools.

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