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State Boards and Examinations - An Overview


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The present situation of 10th and 12th Exams

With the surge of COVID-19 at its peak in 2021, things have taken a pause. These hard times have forced everyone to leave behind all the important things and care about health and well-being at its utmost, which is important considering the situation that has arisen.

With everything stopping and coming to a halt, two extremely important aspects of life are being affected a lot - education and exams. These two build the entire foundation of a child and help him/her grow.

What have the States decided for Boards and Other Exams?

Many of the State Boards have decided to give everyone a break from examinations, keeping in mind everybody's well-being. This includes big states such as Maharashtra, Assam, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan. Most of these states have decided to promote students of classes 1?9 without examinations, and many are promoting the primary classes but planning to conduct exams for the secondary and senior secondary ones. Many states have come to a decision of promoting even students of 10th and 12th classes without conducting the board exams.

Teachers, across PAN India, believe that this is going to hamper the learning of students as they won't achieve the learning outcomes or attain the most basic knowledge. Boards are important for multiple reasons, which cannot be avoided, the most important being,

'They build the foundation of learning for students and cater to their Careers'

Whatever a student learns in his/her syllabus, it can be assessed through examinations. They also inculcate the learning into student's minds, which helps them throughout life. Examinations not only assess what a child has learnt, but also teaches him/her to survive under extreme pressure and stress, which makes him/her stronger in life.

Situations might arise in the future as well, which might disrupt the normalcy of life and living. There might be unprecedented times, unpredicted, which might put everything to a halt and change the way one lives. But, the world is evolving, and the best way would be to grow with it and change the way we do things rather than putting them on pause.

What can be done?

The simple solution to this issue is to conduct board exams virtually, in a person's own safe space, so that the basic foundation is not shaken and students learn and grasp more. Online exams are an efficient way of putting a full-stop to all the issues that the hard times might bring with them!

Online boards would be as real as the physical exams and have the same rigor and feel of the traditional pen & paper format. Some features that make them as real as physical exams are:

Online Exams can be conducted despite any hard situations, at one?s own comfort and secured environment.

With this one can easily avoid the exposure to any hardships and can efficiently attend exams wherever they feel safe. It also makes sure that a student can be assessed and fairly graded, despite where they are. For faculties and authorities also, online exams create a safe space and help them ensure productive and efficient learning for students.

Safe and Secured

The data used in the online exams cannot be breached and stays in the hands of the respective authorities. They can remove the data in the said duration and can put an end to the rights issued to the online exam vendor by them.

Also, the privacy and security of the attendees always remains a priority and the privacy is never breached. No images/videos/screenshots are kept after the evaluation of tests is complete.

Cloud-based Computing

The data can never be lost as it is computed on cloud. It is stored safely and integrated well with the exam platform through cloud-based computing.


These exams cost way too less as compared with physical exams as they save the entire expenditure incurred on conducting exams. Institutions do not have to rent classrooms, do not have to pay the unnecessary bills, do not have to spend on invigilation, and do not have to spend on paper.

It is also extremely cost-efficient for the candidates as the entire commuting gets saved and everything happens digitally.

Effective Proctoring

With live auto and remote proctoring solutions , it has become possible to make the examination environment completely secured of malpractices and cheating. With features such as object detection, face recognition, and 360 degree scans, online proctoring solutions completely eliminate the scope of any malpractice.

Subjective Exams and Evaluation is also possible

With the help of QR Code and Web Cam uploading, students can submit handwritten answers. This helps enable the same feeling of physical exams. The students do not have to be technologically advanced; they can simply write with a pen & paper and submit their answers. Teachers can also comfortably evaluate and the get saved from the chaos of handling all those answer sheets.

Report Generation

With advanced research analytics and Artificial Intelligence, reports can be generated seamlessly on student's progress and their attainment of skills and abilities. These results are also more productive and in-depth, with all the statistics and details required to grade students. Students also get know their improvement and expertise areas, and this makes them grow wholly.

Wheebox in the Online Examination World

Wheebox, with its researched analytics and advanced solutions, has upped its game in the field of Online Exams. There are multiple features that help Wheebox's Online Assessments differentiate from other Online Assessments:

Customizable Platform & Solutions

Wheebox offers a robust platform that can be customized as per the client's requirements and powerful proctoring solutions. These solutions are efficient and allow a seamless examination experience for everyone.

Powerful Proctoring Solutions

The AI-driven proctoring solutions  make online exams completely free of all sorts of malpractices with features such as Face Recognition, Face Tracking, Object Detection, 360 Degree Room Scan, and Live Feed. This creates a safe & secured environment to conduct online exams.

Reliable Reports

The exam results do not only grade students in several subjects but report student's progress and explain their areas of improvement and expertise.

Complete Data Security

Wheebox, at all times, ensures the privacy of the institutions and security of their data. The data is never breached and can be taken away, in a given time period, authorized by institutions.

Ensured Privacy of the test-takers

No videos/screenshots/images are kept after the evaluation of tests, and complete privacy for the candidates is ensured during and after the online examinations.

Cost-effective & Seamless Examination Experience

Wheebox offers its Online Assessment Platform as a service that allows multiple tests within a given time period. All the end-to-end management is also taken care of by Wheebox. This saves the time, efforts, and money of the institutions multifold and enables relaxed examination journeys.

The Platform is Certified

The Wheebox Online Assessment Platform  is certified by CERT-In, the National Agency for Cyber Security, which makes it reliable and safe to conduct online exams on.

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