Disruption in Work and Workplace Management


An Overview of Disruption in Workplace Management

Today, struggles and hard times have started following everywhere, be it at home or at work. Things have become more virtual than in person, and rapidly the managing, learning, and development aspects have completely changed. With things changing overnight, processes have to change as well. Work cultures are heavily being impacted amid these unprecedented times, and with that the ways of managing employees too. With people working remotely, many aspects of working have taken a turn and not everybody was ready for that. Even organizations with more traditional work cultures are leading their employees to work remotely to keep them healthy and comfortable amid these unparalleled times. And other organizations are finding ways to efficiently expand the remote work culture.

This disruption at workplaces and in the work cultures are inevitable, although, with hard times, innovations follow, and Workplaces have started witnessing these innovations as well. Productivity has become more important than anything, but keeping in mind the wellness of the employees at all times.

Changes in the work environment and management

There were a lot of innovations that were witnessed in work culture with remote work taking over.

Virtualization of work and management went through a lot of phases, from times when communication was troublesome to a time where technology has improved and with that the engagement and productivity too. Better communication and collaboration of technologies has enabled employees to work on team projects effortlessly, comfortably from their homes. Organizations started acknowledging the benefits of remote working, including larger talent pools, reduced work costs and more scalability. L&D became an important aspect and providing remote workers with the skills they needed to succeed from home became a major aim.

Learning and Development have been massively impacted during these times and learning certainly cannot be put on hold across workplaces. The Learning and Development function across companies has started adapting to innovative digital solutions, to engage a remote workforce and influence their working.

Virtual is the New Normal - The Solution to an Ever-Growing Crisis

The best solution to this ever-growing crisis of working remotely is to go virtual, digitize the way of working, and bring newer tools into the view.

  • Organizations have to transition to virtual learning. They can use online platform for making their employees develop & learn, no matter where they are. This way, the efficiency and efficacy of workforces will increase, despite working from home.
  • Organizations can also assess what their employees have learnt so far by using online assessment platform to conduct assessments  on the skills that they have taught their employees.
  • Amid these times, organizations can also be witnessed conducting webinars and web-conferences every once in a while to boost engagement and communication among employees. This is the new way of meet and greets and can help build talents seamlessly.
  • Deploying work-at-home programs and well-being & mental health programs is another way to build positive thinking and alignment among employees. With people forced to stay at home, organizations can make use of this time to make employees learn about the crisis, their jobs, and all that they can do to stay ahead.
  • Feedbacks and surveys  can be regularly inculcated in the work cultures to know what the employees expect of the organization amid hard, stay-at-home times. These surveys can be conducted through an online platform where organizations can learn more about the improvement areas and expertise areas of their employees.
  • The need to reskill and up-skill workforces is accelerated. The greater dependence on technology means that employees must be trained and instructed well to operate and work efficiently online. A new culture of constant training and learning should be reinforced. 
  • Another key L&D trend is greater emphasis on social learning methods. Social learning leaves behind the traditional structure of learning models, and is based on acquiring new behaviors by observing or imitating others. Organizations have to start monitoring their employee's effectiveness & progress and adjusting their approach to L&D with this social learning model. 

Wheebox emerging as a Leading Online Assessment firm to enable Virtual work and workforce management

Assessments & Assessment Platform to assess employees on a regular basis.

Wheebox offers millions of online assessments with a robust, certified, and AI-driven online assessment platform to make the virtual learning and development and workforce hiring process easier and seamless. The platform is customizable and offers solutions as per the requirements of an organization. Recruitment and Learning and development of the talent has become easier even when they are remotely working as the talents can be evaluated on their training and organizations can easily figure out the areas of expertise and improvement of the new hires. The half-life of skills also gets shorter with an entirely digitized process, which helps manage the talents well

Wheebox Online Assessment Platform as a Service

Wheebox offers its assessment platform as a service on a subscription-based model. There are multiple benefits of the subscription model:

One Platform - All Tests/Any Test

Subscribing to a proctoring platform enables organizations to use it freely and conduct as many tests as are required, without the chaos of looking for vendors over and over again. With the subscription, the access is unlimited - within the given time - and the process of conducting & creating assessments becomes a lot easier.

Secured Assessments

The environment of the assessments is absolutely secured that makes it reliable for any organization to work on. The privacy of data is maintained and all the crucial credentials and information are kept secured. Also, proctoring solutions help track candidates for any movement or objectionable acts.

Specified Time Period

Just like how an OTT works, an organization can subscribe to the platform for a specific time and access it freely for that particular period. This period can vary as per an organization?s requirement for assessments. It can vary among six months, a year, or even multiple years.

Analytics and Reports

Organizations, on subscribing to a proctoring platform, don?t only get the normal results for assessments, but also the in-depth, domain-wise analytics of the candidates. This can help institutions/organizations help determine which skills their respective candidates might lack and where can they lead. The reports help determine and assess performances and this leads to better results.


A proctoring-platform subscription is inexpensive as compared with buying assessments from different vendors whenever there is a requirement. It is on a pay-per-use basis that gives an unlimited access of it. One is not paying for all the assessments, rather only for the platform.

Organizations can simply subscribe to the platform for hassle-free training, assessing, and monitoring.

Wheebox and Talent Management

Assessments & Assessment Platform to assess employees on a regular basis.

The Wheebox research team has designed assessments keeping in mind the unique requirements of clients. Using the solution, the client is able to identify candidates for appraisal and certain employees can be sent in for further training. Critical to quality, parameters have been designed to segregate high performers from those who need further training. Clients are presented with powerful insights on the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. The platform and assessments help cater to learning and development and in a broader spectrum to managing talents. Evaluation of Talent becomes easier with the Wheebox assessment platform as the assessments help HR Managers identify and determine the perfect fits for specific job roles. Amid the ongoing hard times, the selection and evaluation is almost impossible physically, but with Wheebox the entire process becomes digitized and automated.

Data Security

Since the HRs need to be data-driven in this era, the platform provides complete data security and makes sure that the entire process is cost-effective for the clients. The data of clients is not breached and can be removed in the given time duration assigned by an organization's authorities. Overall, with these changing times, the landscape of L&D and Workforce Management has changed on huge levels, and this is not just it. These changes have become the new normal and are bound to take over the traditional ways of managing, training, and developing workforces.

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