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Is Home Schooling the Future of Education?


The Overall Scenario & Different Schools of Thought on Online Examinations in the new world.


The recent times have changed a lot of things and have impacted everyone massively. Be it schools teaching their students online or exams being conducted on, virtual has become the new normal today.

Some schools of thought suggest that open book exams should be conducted as they believe that knowledge cannot only be contained in books, and today the knowledge employers seek is above & beyond textbooks, but others have a contradictory opinion on the "copying" method and are getting skeptical of the method suggested, and instead recommend conducting online proctored examinations  for the students to follow the old, traditional way of 'rote learning'.

With examinations shifting to online mode across institutions amid the ongoing times, security of the examination environment has become a major concern. Institutes and universities are willing to conduct exams online to maintain academic continuity and stability, but technology concerns and cheating issues raise the flag for them.

There are institutes who are not ready to conduct online proctored examinations due to lack of resources among candidates. Many students raise the issue of not having laptops or computers to attend these exams. They unanimously believe that no matter how cheat-proof these examinations are, there will always be tech concerns and lack of resources that cannot be defeated.

On the contrary, many institutes have started highlighting online exams as one of their USPs and claim themselves as the flag bearers of this new method of conducting examinations. This way of conducting exams, they think, would maintain the credibility and sanctity of examinations as students would have to learn and memorize subjects in order to score well, maintaining the same rigor of physical exams in online proctored exams.



How do Online Proctored Assessments help?

These exams are hosted on AI-driven online assessment platforms with powerful proctoring solutions, including:

  • Remote Proctoring
  • Auto Proctoring

With features such as:

  • Face Recognition
  • Face Tracking
  • Object Detection
  • 360 Room Scans
  • Face Recognition
  • Navigation Blocking

These features make examinations absolutely cheat-proof and free of objectionable acts by the candidates. Remotely, certified manual proctors take care of the exam environment by keeping a look over the candidates.

These exams are cost-efficient as they save all the expenditure incurred on conducting exams physically in a classroom setting - including costs of renting exam centers, invigilation, and other miscellaneous costs - and saves the time of institutes efficiently. Online exams help candidates save on commuting for the physical exams as well, providing them with a comfortable environment to attend exams.

Online proctored examinations also eliminate the scope of disinterest among students to learn and memorize if and when the exams get postponed or cancelled.

These exams enable a fair way of scoring candidates by generating in-depth & detailed reports with advanced analytics, which help faculties assess their students better and allow students to learn more about their areas of expertise and areas of improvement.


Wheebox as the emerging Leader of Online Proctored Assessments

Wheebox is a Global Online Talent Assessment Company empowering academic institutions with deep talent insights, while also enabling better academic decisions. Through its robust, highly secured, and certified test engine - enriched with advanced analytics and highly interactive & intelligent assessment tools - it drives great results.

Wheebox offers a highly customized, scalable, and advanced AI-Driven platform to assess students. It helps assess and evaluate students with the right tools, powerful and efficient.


Customizable Solutions and Certified Platform

Wheebox brings powerful and customizable solutions in time to help deliver any type of online examination certified by CERT-In (National Agency for Cyber Security), for application security, that helps educational organizations identify & build cost-effective online examinations with higher accuracy enabling them to conduct the desired online examinations.


Minimal to Zero Tech & Integration Issues

It offers an end-to-end online examination platform with efficient proctoring solutions that helps examiners effortlessly manage Assessments, set up exams, and roll out results. It also enables easy API-based integration into one's existing digital infrastructure of LMS and Assessment Solutions using real-time & AI-based Proctoring.


Data Security

The solutions ensure data security & privacy during the complete examination process as they are encrypted & secured with Rapid SSL, a secure socket layer to avoid the violation of data.


Ensured Privacy of the test-takers

No videos/screenshots/images are kept after the evaluation of tests, and complete privacy for a candidates is ensured during and after the online examinations.


Cost-effective & Seamless Examination Experience

By subscribing to the Wheebox Online Assessment Platform  for a given time period, multiple tests can be conducted without having to look for various vendors for different tests. This saves the time and money of the institutions multifold and enables seamless examination journeys.

Today, the major concern in relation with examinations is the credibility and reliability of the exams, and whether they can be conducted with no major technology concerns. Wheebox, with its reliable platform, which is user-friendly and can be used on any and all devices, and its proctoring solutions wins in all the aspects where a concern can be raised.